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Sep. 22nd, 2006

So I've made some changes to my friends page. No offense to anyone I've taken off. I just don't have much time for lj these days, and the people I took off are either people who don't ever write, people who write long entries that I consistently scroll through or people I don't know and don't feel comfortable baring all to.

Jun. 19th, 2006


My name is


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May. 22nd, 2006

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interesting stuff going on...

This is a call to action. The Second Cumming
needs your sweet ass to strut on the fatwalk this
Tuesday, 12:30pm in front of McGill's redpath
library. There will be music and fattening foods
(cheesecake), food-involved sexy games and a
purple carpet. There will also be hotties in drag
and fatties in undies, fat erotica and educational
literature, whipped cream à go go and a celebrity
judge. If you're lucky there may also be

Please come out!
For more info, contact

Love always,
the second cumming

PS your sweet ass doesn't have to be fat


The Second Cumming, McGill’s premiere radical
queer group, cordially invites you to:

ABSOLUTELY FLABULOUS: A Body-Positive Fat-shion Runway
Tuesday, April 18, 12:30pm
Redpath Terrace (outside of the library), McGill University

The Fat-shion Runway will consist of a fatwalk, music, games, prizes, and
special guest drag MC, Ana Key. It has been organized to draw attention to
and resist sizeism and fatphobia, both in and outside of the queer
community. We believe that the mainstream queer community has followed
the lead of a broader society that discriminates against and desexualizes
every person whose body fails to fit its rigid definition of normality or
beauty. The queer community may only get wet at the sight of washboard
abs under a strobe light, but The Second Cumming thinks that every queer
body is fuckable.

We recognize sizeism, fatphobia, and other body-negative attitudes as
parts of a system of overlapping oppressions that deny us pleasure and
self-determination. We demand recognition of the beauty and sexuality of
all bodies – regardless of size, shape, ability and anatomy – and the end
of oppressive body norms both within the queer community and in broader

The Second Cumming was formed in the fall of 2005 to provide alternative
queer voices in a system dominated by consumption and body fascism. In
January 2006, it organized an action against the homophobic, racist, and
classist policies of HemaQuebec resulting in HemaQuebec closing down the
blood drive and leaving McGill campus.

For more information, further questions, or to see pictures of our asses
in spandex, please contact

Jan. 31st, 2006

------DISTRIBUTE WIDELY---------


Walk into the blood drive, and you will be presented with a long list of
exclusions determining who can and who cannot donate blood. Some are
relatively easy to predict, but go a little further and you get to the
nasty (fun) questions: Have you ever exchanged money or drugs for sexual
contact? Have you ever injected illegal drugs with a needle? Have you
spent more than 72 hours in prison in the past year? Male donors: Have you
ever had sexual contact with another male since 1977? If you answered yes
to any of these questions, HemaQuebec will kindly (or not so kindly) ask
you to leave.

In other words: Are you a whore? Are you a fag? Are you drug-shooting
street trash? Were you somebody's bitch in jail? Are you poor? From
Africa? Ewww… have AIDS!!!

Listen, darling, HemaQuebec understands public health in ways that
perpetuate sex-negative, racist, classist, and anti-gay stereotypes. And
inviting the blood drive into our student center means that it's being
done in our name. In light of this, we need approaches and tactics
besides just letter-writing, tabling, and asking politely if
they might consider reviewing the exclusions. We need to be loud. We
need to be visible. We need to publicly expose the presence of prejudices
that underlie the functioning of the blood drive. And maybe even do it in
drag….with dance music blasting.

Wednesday afternoon, The Second Cumming did just this. And HemaQuebec was
furious. After considering picking the obviously "gay" people out of the
line, they decided instead to cancel the blood drive and asked everyone to
come back later. On Thursday, they decided the "risk" was so great that
they would cancel the blood drives indefinitely and even throw out the
blood already collected. Although we agree that those who need blood
should have access to it, we consider this a success. The fact that they
cancelled the blood drive when faced with a cock in a skirt proves the
point that they what they were afraid of wasn't so much disease as

HemaQuebec's justification for cancelling the blood drive was that
anonymous notes encouraging gays to lie and infect the blood supply were
left in men's washrooms around campus. In response, yes – we DID
encourage people to lie about their sexual history.
And you know what? We'd do it again. But this consisted of having the
"clean" people pretend to be a fag or a whore (or both) in order to be
turned away and cause a commotion. Not to infect the blood supply.
HemaQuebec has simply demonstrated that they will twist the truth to keep
their ugly politics out of sight.

Furthermore, in having their policies in place, HemaQuebec inadvertently
encourages people to lie every time they go donate blood. In actuality,
how many people, once getting through, are willing to stand up, pronounce
"I take it up the ass, I'm a deviant" and walk out in front of a bunch of
friends? All we did was transform this into an open secret. Once faced
with it, HemaQuebec couldn't continue to function.

We also wish to commend SSMU on their support of our action and in their
demand that HemaQuebec answer once and for all for their discriminatory
policies. However, we stress again that this issue stretches far beyond
the simple matter of donating blood. HemaQuebec is simply one window into
the erotophobic, classist, and racist systems the Canadian state uses to
enact policies of public health.

But for the time being, we won't tolerate our student society housing a
sex-negative, racist, classist, and anti-gay blood drive in our name.
After all, this wasn't just a protest, whether you like it or not, this is
the Second Cumming!

- The Second Cumming


…… and in case you wanted to know what all this Second Cumming business
was about…


The Second Cumming is a new radical queer group on campus. Why, you
ask, are we cumming?

BECAUSE I don't need to have the Queer Eye, 2.2 cats or [insert product
here] to affirm my sexuality or have my voice heard – we're cumming.

BECAUSE a queer couple kissing in public is a sexual statement while hets
kissing in public is romance – we're cumming.

BECAUSE, despite popular opinion, I'm not always white – we're cumming.

BECAUSE being fine with who I fuck isn't being queer-positive when it has
to be with one other person, who I know, in a relationship, between the
sheets, with no whips or chains or anything fun – we're cumming.

BECAUSE I don't need a gym body to be a "real gay" – we're cumming.

BECAUSE I don't need my relationship, homo or hetero, legitimized by the
misogynistic institution of marriage – we're cumming.

BECAUSE if I don't pass as a "real girl" or a "real boy," I can't shit in
peace – we're cumming.

BECAUSE my student society houses a blood drive that equates gay sex with
dirty blood – we're cumming.

BECAUSE outside of my favourite porn, jocks forcing long hard objects into
rectal cavities is both sexual assault and queer-bashing, not "hazing" –
we're cumming.

BECAUSE words like fags and fairies and dykes (oh my!) are still the
ultimate put down – we're cumming.

BECAUSE my raging, sissy, racialized, flaming, slutty, sadomasochistic,
lisping, pornographic, marginal voices cannot possibly be articulated by
one monolithic queer group on campus – we're cumming.

BECAUSE a politics of not rocking the boat never has and never will end
oppression – we're cumming.

BECAUSE even if you don't ask, I WILL tell – we're cumming.

BECAUSE I don't want the right to marry; I want to dismantle marriage. I
don't want an equal wage; I want to abolish the wage system. I don't want
to be an equal member of the state; I want to smash the state.

This is The Second Cumming. In your bedrooms, in your streets, in your face.
We're cumming! We're Cumming!!! WE'RE CUMMING!!!!!

The Second Cumming can be reached at

Aug. 15th, 2005

Um just a reminder...friends only, but if I know you in real life then maybe I'll add you. But you need to comment. Don't ghost-add me.

I know this is ridiculous but...

I am afraid to sleep in my place alone. I lay down just now and had this horrifying panic that someone was in my room with me. Who wants to sleepover this week until Mel gets back on Thursday? You don't have to share my bed, just the house...

Can you tell I should be studying?

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Apr. 20th, 2005

So um, I'm paranoid, and also annoyed that certain people betrayed my friends-only confidences, SO I am making my entire journal friends only.


Post-nasal drip

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